Dear Parksider,                                                                                                         Despite COVID-19 we are determined to have a Reunion this year.                  The questions are where and when and the type this will take. The Hilton Leeds is at present restricted to no more than 30 guests at a function. This will last until at least the start of September. What happens after that is as at present unknown.

            We are meeting the Hilton Events Sales Executive on the 4th September and hope then to find out more if the 11th October will be possible for our 48th reunion lunch. If it is all well and good. If not, we will have to make alternative arrangements.

           If the Hilton is not possible our intention is to arrange an informal function to be held same date 11th October at a venue to be arranged where we can comply with the social distancing rule. This would of course include our war song, a toast to our Association and guest speaker Geoff Gray.

It would be a very great help to us if we could get approximate numbers for the event whether it be held at the Hilton or another venue. Give it some serious thought and it would be appreciated if you could contact one of the names below as soon as possible to let us know of your intentions.  

Jack Richardson.    07779  008306 

Alan Simpson.        0113 260 5448

Peter Jarvis.           07775 694454    

It takes more than COVID-19 to defeat the Parksiders.


Best Regards

The Committee.