Its is 55 years since the memorable cup Final between Wigan and Hunslet.

The Hunslet team on the day was 1. Billy LangtonR.I.P 2. John Griffiths 3.GeofF Shelton R.I.P 4.Alan Preece R.I.P 5. Barry Lee 6. Brian Gabbitas 7. Alan Marchant R.I.P 8. Dennis Hartley R.I.P 9. Bernard Prior R.I.P 10. Ken Eyre R.I.P 11. Bill Ramsey 12. Geoff Gunny R.I.P 13. Fred Ward(capt) R.I.P

Subs 14. Arthur Render R.I.P 15. Colin Taylor Res Ray Abbey and Billy Baldwinson R.I.P Traveling Ron Wittaker R.I.P

Billy Boston breaks the Hunslet cover Langton and LEE
Full Wembley Team with reserves to Travel
Top left to right C.Taylor J.Griffiths B.Prior B.Ramsey D.Hartley K.Eyre G.Gunney A.Render B.Baldwinson R.Abbey
Front left to right B.Lee B.Gabbitas B.Langton F.Ward A.Marchant G.Shelton A.Preece