Sometimes our memories take us by surprise and the mention of a place or name or time can bring back almost forgotten events from years ago. I had a phone call today from Peter (Jarvo) Jarvis, and he happened to mention Queensbury, the place where the Black Dyke Mills Band (Fosters came from. The name associated me with a place between Queensbury and Holm field and a mill called Bulmer’s between the two. I remember delivering g heating oil there back in 60s or 70s and meeting the boiler man who was named Bachelor (Solly) Bachelor. I’m willing to gamble that few if any of my generation of players remember the name. But in the late 40s when I was having my run-out with Hunslet ‘A team, Solly was mentioned as a class player. But as I had to keep returning to Germany, being still in the army I lost sight of this player who was reckoned to have class; I still have no idea today what happened to him, as he was a big strong fast running and skilful centre-three-quarter.. The punch line of this story perhaps supplies the answer:  Asking Peter Anson , one match day, where Solly was ( he was down to play), Peter replied: His wife only lets him play when she has no Saturday shopping to do, adding an adjective, something like silly *******! Of course I was wise enough not to mention this when meeting him at Bulmer’s, many years later; but you can be certain we had a good old natter about our Parkside day. Meanwhile I suppose ‘Jarvo’ went on his way to Bradford and Queensbury, with no idea of the memories he‘d provoked. Final thoughts are to say that perhaps Solly never made the big time because of an over demanding spouse. My excuse is that perhaps I may not have been good enough; but my dodgy knee never gave me the chance. Life as footballer, Jimmy Greaves used to say, “Can be a funny old game!”