Good Afternoon Gentlemen.
On behalf of the members I would like to wish the following a “Happy Birthday”

Ronnie Dobson 02/12/1947 The last Try scorer for Hunslet at Parkside

Dave Bradbrook 06/12/1944 Another of Hunslet star No 9s

Dave Ward 16/12/1953 A honorary member Ex Hunslet coach and Gt Britain International.

Graham Goodman 18/12/1944 Renown for his lap of honor after scoring a try.

Phil Horrocks 20/12/1953 Better known as Jimmy Osmonds double.

Peter Jarvis 20/12/1945 Our much travelled Chairman.

Ray Abbey 21/12/1943 A work horse for so many causes.

Cliff Watson 26/12/1953 Nice to have Ciff back in the fold after been on the missing list for so long.

Gary Smith 27/121953 One of the nice guys of that era solid.


“And so we shall again”