RON HILL…. HONORARY MEMBER of our Association. RON was as the say a CODE BREAKER taking the Castleford shilling to switch from R.U. to play professional Rugby League for CASTLEFORD and then was transferred to sunny SALFORD. He was a WELSH R.L.. INTERNATIONAL.
Ron says his D. of B. is 07/10/1944.

TONY HURFORD ……. Another CODE BREAKER, he relinquished his amateur status when he signed for WAKEFIELD TRINITY from NEWPORT R.U.
Tony made his debut for Hunslet on the12th August 1968 v Leeds at Parkside in the Lazenby Cup. Unfortunately he retired early from R.L. because he had a nasty habit of breaking his jaw. Hence he was aka Glass Jaw.
Tony’s D.of B. 14/10/19.42.

RAY HOWARD….. Ray came to Parkside by the scenic route, learning is rugby at school.
He played for Hunslet City Boys, Hunslet under 17s/19s, ‘A’ team and first team rugby.
He is now an international traveller.
Rays D.of B. 20/10/1949.

KEN HEPPLES…… True blooded Hunslet man. Now spending most of his time in Spain.
If you cut Ken in half is colours would be Myrtle-Flame-and White.
Kens D.of B. 29/10/1946.

BILLY ADAMS…. One of the year of 1973 team. A great guy. aka as Billy the Fish.
Speaking to Billy last week and he will again be organising the 2018 Hunslet ex Parkside Players Xmas bash the date and venue to be confirmed. Keep up the good work Billy.
Forgot to say Billy was also a great rugby player.
Billy’s D.of B. 29/10/1953 (retiring age Billy)