ALAN GRIFFITHS…. D.of B. 3/9/1949 signed for Hunslet RLFC 3/3/1970 from
Castleford Intermediates for a fee of £200.00
Made his 1st Team debut against Keighley away on 3/3/1970.
Alan played in excess of 90 games for the Parksiders.

STEVE EVANS…. D.of B. 6/9/1949 signed for HUNSLET RLFC for a fee of £50.00
He can’t remember the date but says it was on a Friday.
Steve made his 1st team debut against Featherstone Rovers at Parkside and says that was on a Sunday. One thing he remembers about the game is that Les Tonks knocked him out.

DAVID (HAPPY) APPLEYARD…. D.of B. 9/9/1949. Happy is a top man a regular at the HUNSLET RLFC Ex PARKSIDE reunions played most of his rugby at Parkside in the second team.

GERALD JOSEPH WELSH…. D.of B. 10/9/1935. Gerry is a member of our Octogenarian club. He played for the Hunslet supporters team and relinquished his amateur status on the 15/1/54 making his 1st team debut at PARKSIDE against Keighley on the 30/10/1954.

RONALD GUTHRIE…. D.of B. 13/9/1930. Ron is also a member of Octogenarian Club.
Played his junior rugby for the Hunslet Supporters and signed for Hunslet RLFC on 10/11/1949 receiving a fee of £275.00 he made his 1st team debut on the 11/8/1951 against Leeds RL at Parkside. Ron played a total of 14 first team games and finished his playing career at Hunslet in June 1958.

STUART KEANE…. D.of B. 11/9/1941. Unfortunately Stuart playing career came to an end on Boxing Day 1959 when playing against Doncaster RL at Parkside he suffered a broken neck.
The committee of the time was very kind towards Stuart by paying him a visit in hospital and presenting him with 20 full Capstan Full Strength.

COLIN COOPER…14/9/35 Is another member of our Octogenarian Club.
Like many others before him he played his junior rugby with the Hunslet Supporters signing professional forms for Hunslet RLFC on the 13/12/1951 receiving £250.00 He made his 1st team debut against Halifax RLFC at Parkside on the 21/4/1953.
In total he played 99 first team games before been transferred to Bramley RLFC on the 29/9/60.
Hunslet received a fee of £500.00 for Colin.

STEPHEN HUDSON….. D.of B. 26/9/50. Steve played for the Hunslet juniors side before relinquishing his amateur status signing on for the great fee of £50.00
He made his 1st team debut on 12/8/1968 against Leeds RLC at Parkside in the Lazenby Cup game.

WILLIAM RAMSEY…. D.of B. 27/9/1943. Bill signed from the Hunslet Juniors on the 23/10/1959. Made his 1st team debut against Batley RL at Parkside on the 13/4/1962.
Has an Hunslet player Bill gained honours playing for Yorkshire and also GB in 1965.
In 1966 he was selected to tour Australia with the British Lions.
Bill played a total of 127 matches for Hunslet scoring 28 tries before been transferred to Leeds RLC for a fee of £9000.00 on the 5//12/1967

FRANK NICHOLLS…..D.of B. 27/9/1948. Frank a great club man always got a smile on his face. Played at Parkside and after he retired from playing took up the task of kit man. (got any shirts left Frank)