happy birthday to you – happy birthday to you – happy birthday to yousmiley

Five birthdays to celebrate this month:-

Ron Hill, D.oB. – 7/10/1944 – soon be 80 Ron. smiley

Tony Herford, D.oB. – 14/10/1942 – I didn’t realise you were that age Tony. Must be the tap water in Jersey.smiley

Ray Howard, D.oB. – 20/10/1949. I not seen you on F.B. lately Ray could it be that your on the trot. smiley

Bill ‘The Fish’ Adams, D.oB. – 29/10/1953 – it must seem years ago since you kicked that goal at Parkside in the last game Hunslet RLFC played there.smiley

And last but not least my old pal Ken Hepples,
Thought I attach this on Ken, its from Harry Jepson’s record books. Believe it or not they are recorded in a CITY OF LEEDS, EDUCATION COMMITTE, EXERCISE BOOK.
It says your D.of B. 29/10/1946. Signed on:27/9/1963. You received £50 signing on fee. Made your first A Team appearance v Dewsbury A on 3/10/1964 at Parkside and made your 1st team debut against Huddersfield at Parkside on 21/3/1966. smiley