Good morning gentlemen my apologies for the late entry of Birthdays.


Dennis Hartley Born 04/04/1936 One of Hunslets finest Props

Peter Dunn Born 10/04/1946

Jack Firn Born 13/04/1936

Geoff Stewart Born 16/04 1945

Alan Simpson Born 17/04/1937

Brian Gabbitas Born 24/04/1935 Silky and graceful a legend.

Ernest Lundy Born 27/04/1927 the grand age of 90

Colin Byrom Born 08/04/1937 or is it my record shows 4th of the 8th but or fearless leader Mr Jarvis insists it’s april.

Last but not forgotten Bob Gaitley saying not forgotten but don’t have a day Born April 1953.

Happy birthday one and all have a great day from all your Parkside comrades.