Trust you all enjoyed the New Year and are keeping up to your New Years resolution.

One of my resolutions is not to put blogs on when I’ve consumed too much champagne.

I made a real balls of cotton of Januarys birthdays.

My sincere apologies to Alan Bancroft and Fred Marriot for omitting them off the birthday list.

Jack the Apprentice got me out jail with Alan.

Fred’s birthday is 26/1/39 and its a happy birthday to you Fred.

Another cock up was Tommy Taylors d.o.b. I have his birthday down as 5/1/54.
Tommy very politely told me he was not that old in fact he is five months younger.
He was born on 1/5/54. Sorry Tommy it happens now and again.

Re the memories club blog I wish to thank my old English teacher Mrs Pat Benatmane for pointing out my spelling mistakes.