Wellcome to the first blog of 2017.

We wish all of these great Parksiders a very happy birthday.

Mick Gilmore 4.1.1952, Thought you was older than that Mick. Still waiting for your new email address.

Tommy Taylor 5.1.1954, Tommy is one of the youngest ex Parksiders and was a member of the team to play in the last game at Parkside.

Phil Evans 13.1.1948, Phil can be seen weekly on channel 4s program ‘Real Housewives of Cheshire’.

The oldest surviving ex Hunslet Parksider Jimmy Brogden born on 15.1.1923 making him the grand age of 94 years old and he admits he can still pull the ladies.

John Griffiths 17.1.1940. Last time I was out with John he got me evicted from Weatherspoon’s in the Isle of Wight.