Aug 1892 Erect a penny stand at bottom end of ground, 40 yards
in length

Sep 1892 Players to go on
tour are the XV that played against Bradford plus Gilston, Hardman, Mosley and Stephens

Nov 1892 Grant Lorryman his
transfer to Leeds Parish Church

be seen as to why he wishes to leave and hope he continues to play with us

application of Pawson as a player

1893 the 2nd team v Leeds in
the final on February 11th be Ellis;
Boulton, Suddaby, Greenwood; Morton, Barker; Filburn [Capt],
Holmes, Crossland, Deacon, Proctor, Langron, Moore, Hill and Speight.

14/2/1893 Rhodes be suspended 1 month – Bazley in A team at moment

Aug 1893 Ask Hardman and Stephens to play 2nd team as
they are not considered strong enough for 1st ‘s

31/10/1893 Grant Bennett his transfer any time he asks for it

Nov 1893 Grant Hollings his transfer to Wortley

2/1/1894 J Mitchell [Otley] applied to join. A Davison, Wilston
& S Eastwood turned down.

Rowbotham for particulars

30/1/1894 Give W Speight permission to play for Leeds Steel Works-J
Lennard applied to join

7/2/1894 Allow Godsell to join West Riding FC – Bennett playing
in 2nd team alongside Mellor and Lennard.

Mar / Apr 1895 Endeavour to find out if there is any truth
in the statement, that a Pudsey player had been paid to
Albert Goldthorpe in the cup tie match.

May 1895 Appoint Mr Gilston as our County representative

18/7/1895 Twelve clubs withdraw from Yorkshire Rugby Union

Oct 1895 W & A Goldthorpe, O Walsh and Deacon named as
candidates for Yorkshire trial match

C or J E Skirrow be ‘A’ team touch judge

8/10/1895 Some quotes by Leeds Evening Express, prior to this date!

29/10/1895 A Greenwood resigned his membership and F Hill applied to

Brighouse 2nd team player had 7/6d taken from his pocket in dressing
rooms when playing here

Sapcote, Southworth, Hurworth & Stoddart [full back] playing in 2nd
team at present

Williamson to succeed Mr B Denton, who resigned as grounds man.

19/11/95 Have a detective to watch tent next 2 or 3 matches

of Leeds still wants to play for us and we persist in applying for his transfer
to us

10/12/95 Rathmell and Barraclough do not go to Broughton and
they do not sit down to tea with the 2nd team

Hutchinson to make a personal application to Leeds for his transfer

to Manningham about their 2nd team breaking a window in dressing

Jan 1896 Leeds 2nd team broke showers and took away
towels. We write and ask for remuneration to cover

Rangers asked for 6 shillings for a wagonette they took from station to Parkside.
We do not pay as they missed the conveyance waiting for them at the station.

July 1896 Mr T Wright resigned as representative on Northern
Union & Yorkshire committees. Replaced by Mr Bairsto

26/8/96 Advertise
practice [on Saturday] in Yorkshire Post

Sep 96 Inform
West, we cannot play him on account of his rail expenses

names for County team in Robinson, Mitchell, Barraclough and Deacon

Oct 96 Complain
to Hull regarding spectators conduct towards our players

not allow T Walsh his transfer –
Allow Fothergill his transfer

retired players are to pay admission to ground and stand –

T Stephens has rejoined Hunslet [2nd team]

Dec 96 Leave
Mawson out for a month and hope he will get thoroughly fit

Leeds Parish Church ‘A’ team on Monday 28th December at 10.30 a.m.

Jan 1897 Barracloughs transfer be refused

Walsh resigned from 1st team owing to insulting remarks from Rubery
– Not accepted

Mar 97 Mawson
be played at Batley if he gets himself into proper training

be given his transfer

Apr 97 Perry
has applied for a transfer –
we sign W Kaye of Turnbridge [1/2 back]

27/7/1897 Accept resignation of 10 players who signed paper sent
into club

9/8/97 Advertise
practices to start on Thursday & Tuesday in Yorks Post & Leeds Mercury

23/8/97 Have
a full practice on Saturday @ 4.00 p.m.

1/9/97 Team
v Castleford plus Barraclough, Hughes, Leach, Gillings & Robinson are
considered 1st team players.

7/9/97 We
send two to see Picken play on Saturday – Quinn be granted his transfer

14/9/97 Refuse
Shooter his transfer –
King be given his transfer

is now a 1st team player

12/10/97 Nominate Mitchell, W Goldthorpe, Robinson, Deacon,
Barraclough & Young for County trials.

16 policemen for Leeds match [usually between 4 and 8]

26/10/97 Grant W Hibbert a transfer to Leeds but W Dixon not
granted a transfer

23/11/97 Shooter be granted a provisional transfer to Morley

7/12/97 Dixon
granted a transfer to Morley

1/=, 6d and 3d for stands v Halifax

21/12/97 T Walsh be suspended for rest of season

8/1/98 Tebbutts
transfer not be granted

18/1/98 Do
not grant Fletcher a transfer but will play him in 2nd team until we
think him good enough for 1st team

25/1/98 Fellows
granted transfer to Leeds

1/2/98 Do
not recognise Watson as 1st team man at present

10/5/98 Write
G Watson, he is not entitled to a medal – Contribute £1-1-0 to E Kaye’s

medals to Jowett, Fletcher, Greenwood, Hughes, Eno, Rubery & Knowles

July 1898 Accept offer of O Brooke for photographing

Mr Haley’s resignation and thank him for past services [1883 at least]

22/8/98 Give
I Littlewood his transfer to Outwood Church FC – Do not give Tebbutt his

Groves resigned from committee.

transfer be refused – E
Parkinson’s to Rothwell be granted

6/9/98 Until
Rubery turns up to train, he receives no remuneration

Hurst has a transfer – Eno
not considered a 1st team man

13/9/98 Rubery
re-instated as a 1st team man

20/9/98 Eno’s
transfer to Holbeck be granted

4/10/98 Names
sent for County trials be Kaye, Robinson, Ramage and Mitchell

25/10/98 Do not grant Hewitt or Waites transfers

1/11/98 Smart’s
transfer to Goole accepted – Mitchell to appear before committee
[DNP week before v Leeds P C]

to play with 2nd team until gets fit or no remuneration paid

8/11/98 Kelly’s
transfer to Rothwell granted – E
Howell’s also granted – Howard’s
transfer refused

15/11/98 Give Groves a testimonial – Newton’s transfer request

29/11/98 Grant Bowley his transfer – rescinded on 6th
December 1898 – Fletcher’s transfer
be refused again

6/12/98 Barraclough’s
transfer be refused once and for all and a strong letter be written to him

13/12/98 Goddard’s transfer to Dewsbury granted – Fletcher again be written

Wormald and Deacon as playing members – Ask Green and Perry to train with 1st

20/12/98 W Season has his transfer – Accept W Dixon as a playing
member again

G Watson his transfer to Pontefract and Wood his to Holbeck

28/12/98 Committee to meet Mr Hughes re his
transfer [Was he a Doctor, addressed as Mis