Eileen my wife and I celebrated our 60years of marriage (parkside staying power ) Eileen booked 5 day’s in Jersey.two great things came from that 1.we got a card of congratulations from her Majesty the Queen (friends in high places )and you introduced me to an ex parksider who lives in Jersey, Tony Herford we said we would meet up for a coffee . We did and he brought his lovely wife Wendy with him after an hour or so chatting they asked us if we would like a tour of the island (my whole family 6 of us ) an hour later they arrived at our hotel in 2 car’s we did the island and then at night took us to their favourite restaurant what a great day and on our anniversary day thank you Tony & Wendy for a great day out ,and thank you Peter for the intro Gordon G & Eileen.

60 years married to Gordon!! Eileen you should be in the Queens honour list next time its announced.
The photo outside the Victoria Inn, Hunslet is of Gordons & his pals on his stag night.
Can you spot George Gomersall & Tango Tate.

Gordon as been in bad health the last few months. We all wish him a speedy recovery
and look forward to seeing him back to good health.