Hi Peter!’ In case you should wonder why two Mails: I made a
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the day for me, especially after having to change my bed. Like climbing
Everest. Anyway it’s done now. Almost as good as Cleopatra’s couch. Good job
yesterday by the way; surely enjoyed by all.

Yesterday 5th, June, as a mere second team player sometime
in the distant past, I was privileged once again to sit, converse and dine with
some of the famous names of Rugby league at the Leeds Hilton for a few
memorable hours. Earlier, as they walked into the bar area it was noticeable
that some were carrying sticks or walked with more pronounceable limps due to
age, and the ravages created by their efforts on the field of play in the days
of the old Parkside ground. This was the 44th celebration in memory of the old
place; populated by those who had played there. Around the top table were such
as Harry Jepson OBE, David Oxley, Gary Hetherington, Maurice Bamford and John

Many were wearing jackets of green, like those of Masters’
golf winners, except these carried the Hunslet badge of rampant lion, and the
words Nihil-Sine-Deo; and exceptionally smart they looked. Harry Jepson OBE
proposed the toast to the Queen! John Holdsworth spoke of the trials,
tribulations and humour of his refereeing days. Ken Hepples responded in
similar fashion. Proceeding were conducted as usual by hardworking charge
d’affaire, Peter Jarvis, known otherwise as Jarvo or affectionately, OMB (Old
Mother Benson). A minutes silence was requested and observed in memory of past
members. Near the end of the proceedings an auction of Alf Burnell’s painting
of Jason Robinson was sold; along with a picture from Leeds archives showing
the last trams leaving the Parkside ground before closure in 1973.

Although the number of members diminish with each year, the
enthusiasm and spirit of those remaining is strong as ever, confirmed by the
robust rendering of the old war song: “We’ve swept the seas before boys”! At
the end of another great occasion, Peter Jarvis welcomed all present to the
return the same time next year. Brothers Lee sent apologies for being absent on
a cruise. Frank Watson, indisposed due being off-colour. While Stuart Keene is
recovering from a back operation , but is on the mend. Fred Cliff is also on the mend after a lengthy illness.We wish them
well and hopefully they will be able attend the 45th re-union 1st Sunday in 2017

AS HAS or should it be HAS AS ALWAYS, GREAT READING ERNIST KEEP SENDING THEM IN. I’ve just noticed the I have copied your email and you mention Cleopatra.

Rumour as it that you went to school with her.