Good morning Parksiders and “Happy Birthday” to all you June Babies.

Steve Evans 09.06.1952 One of our youngest members.

Phil Hodgson 13.06.1952 Our own roving reporter.

Alf (Ginger) Burnell 14.06.1924 A legend of parkside and G.B tourist.

Derek Foster 18.06.1935 A flying wingman.

Kevin Bew 20.06.1948 Mr versatile

Gary Hetherington 24.06.1954 A guest speaker hard working CEO of Leeds.

Geoff Crewdson 27.06.1938 A great servant to R.L and GB tourist.

Happy Birthday Gentlemen hope to see you all at the 44th re-union on Sunday 5th of June.

Best wishes the Apprentice.