Minutes of Meeting 01/05/2016 at
Hunslet Club

Present Chairman Peter
Jarvis, Treasurer Alan Simpson, Ray Abbey, Dave Mawson, Jimmy Crampton, Peter
Rycroft and Jack Richardson.

Chairman opened the
meeting with the agenda allowing 10 minutes per topic.

1. Menu Ray informed the committee that the photo on the front
of the menu has been change due to some unrest about the wearing of the new
blazers been photographed and put on the front. The objections came from Bob
Pickles, Keith Rawson, Alan Griffiths and Ronnie Watts. This was discussed at
great length and the consensus was that if you played for Hunslet at parkside
you should be able to wear with pride and honor a blazer relevant of how many
games you played. My own personal opinion is to keep the memories alive we are
all parksiders (Jack Richardson). Peter then suggested to stop any further miss
understandings before anything is taken on it must go through the committee
this was seconded by Alan Simpson. Ray then concluded that everything was ready
for the menu and would be going to the printers on Tuesday. It was then put to
the committee that the minutes of all meetings will be put on the web for
everyone to read seconded by Dave Mawson.

Members attending function Peter and Alan went through the list of members who
have already replied to the letters and paid. Each member of the committee was
then asked to follow up with a phone call or email to various member to try get
a final idea of the attendance on the day.

Committee agreed
that they would arrive at the Hilton no later than 10.30 to set up ready for
members from 11.45 to have a catch up and a pint before lunch at 1.15.

Top Table to
be discussed at next meeting Ray kindly volunteered his wife Beryl to sign
write the name cards for the table.

Tasked for the day All member of the committee were given their tasks for the function.

Raffle and Auction The raffle will still be £1 but extra envelopes will be put on the
table so if any member wishes to have more chances of winning make sure you
have extra £1 coins as one envelope constitutes 1 prize however much is place
in it. The Auction was discussed and will be brought up at the next meeting if
and when we have anything to Auction. It would be nice if anyone out there as
any memorabilia stored in the loft relevant to Hunslet Parkside that are
willing to donate for the auction.

Phil Evans
who as his 50th anniversary of signing for Hunslet the day after as kindly
provided each table with a jug of beer along with the two kindly given every
year by Alan Simpson Cheers Gentlemen.

Any other business The Chairman proposed we run a race night at the Hunslet Warriors to
raise funds a possible date to have this is the 50th anniversary of
Denis Tates try well captured by Alf Burnell painting. Peter Rycroft seconded

Next Meeting 22nd of May to
finalise arrangements for function.