Date: 13 March 1965. Challenge Cup Third Round

Location: Parkside. Referee: Mr R L Thomas (Oldham)

The Yorkshire Evening Post’s John Batty wrote: ‘Hunslet moved onto the ball but – and this is something they must think about – they were unable with over whelming scrummage advantage to produce another try against men who tackled as well as a Leeds side has tackled, and who revealed in long breaks from their own 25 attacking possibilities which suggested that things could have been different had they had a fair share of the ball.’

The Hunslet six, with Marchant’s impact at scrum half, ensured that they didn’t and, with points at a premium, the sides were limited to a single try each. Welsh winger John Griffiths powered over for Hunslet’s, with fullback Billy Langton kicking two goals for that seven- points lead. Leeds went on to have the better of the second half and grabbed their touchdown when Scottish winger Ron Cowan raced over. Oldroyd, however, could only kick one goal but the Evening Post’s WHO was happy for Geoff Gunney, reflecting: ‘It was a game in which all tried and among the memories will be one of Gunney slashing in as though he had the keys to Wembley’s gates in his hands.’ He also gave credit to Leeds Scottish centre Drew Broach. ‘He has stepped in a month or two from the ordinary ranks to high class and thinking of him and (his co – centre) Dick Gemmell, and of Marchant, Brian Gabbitas and Geoff Shelton, one wonders just what they would do in the game if Rugby League provided the room it once did for the backs,’

Hunslet, however, were not too concerned about the style of the match. They were in the semi-finals of the Challenge Cup for the first time for ten years and, after four successive defeats at the penultimate stage, had unfinished business on the agenda. Many thanks to Phil Hodgson for allowing me to copy that article from his book HUNSLET RLFC ‘FIFTY OF THE FINEST GAMES’

Half time, Hunslet 7 Leeds 5. Full time score Hunslet 7 Leeds 5.

Hunslet; l: Langton (2 Goals), Griffiths (Try), Shelton, Preece, Lee, Gabbitas, Marchant, Hartley, Prior, Baldwinson, Ward, Gunney, Taylor.

Leeds: Simpson, Cowan (Try), Broach, Gemmell, Wriglesworth, Oldroyd (goal), Batten, Clark, Lockwood, Walker, Morgan, Neumann, Chamberlain.

Photo of the Hunslet side that beat Leeds in the 3rd round of the Challenge Cup.

Standing: L to R. Gunney, Taylor, Baldwinson, Ward (player coach), Hartley, Griffiths, Prior.

Kneeling: L to R. Gabbitas, Preece, Shelton, Marchant, Lee, Langton.

Insert: L to R. Ramsey, Eyre. (both did not play because of injury)