Bob Pickles, 3/2/1945 – 70 years old

Harry Jepson OBE, 4/2/1920 – 95 years young

Brian Culley, 11/2/191937 – 78 years old

George Gomersall, 11/2/1939 – 76 years old

Jack Richardson, 14/2/1950 – 65 years old

Gordon Greenwood Tindale, 17/2/1936 – 79 years old

Dennis Tate, – 22/2/1935 – 80 years young

Dave Mawson, 23/2/1954 – 61 years old

Jimmy Crampton, 26/2/1954 – 61 years old

Ronnie Scott, 27/2/1942 – 73 years old

It’s possible that it is Ronnie Dobson’s birthday on the 12th
February but I can’t work out if Ron was born on the 12/2/1947 or the 2/12/1947
which ever it is he will be 68 this year.

Add all that up and it’s a lot of years.

Well who out of them will be having a party?


A birthday celebration
at the Garden Gate Pub in Hunslet on Wednesday 4th February KO 12.00

It will be a gathering
of ex Hunslet Parkside Players and the good folk of Hunslet.


Tango’s wife Gladys as organised a surprise lunch for him before
the Hawks v Batley match at South Leeds Stadium on the 22nd of February.

She asked Gordon Greenwood Tindale to help pass the message
around to Dennis’s pals so they could go to the game and celebrate Dennis’s 80th
birthday. Greenwood did a fantastic job but he let the cat out of the bag when
he invited Dennis to Dennis’s own surprise party. So that’s where we get
that saying-

There is three kinds of communications,





PS I hope you’ve told every body Greenwood to be at SLS so we can all have a good old drink with Tango and listen to some of his great stories.