How do Gents, just received this flyer form Mr Raymond Abbey Esq. just in case like myself you can not read it I will do my best type it out for all of us to understand.

Saturday 28th February 2015 @ Headingley Pavilion a special occasion which brings together former players, coaches and officials of HUNSLET, Bramley and Leeds

Bars open from 11.00am with 3 course lunch at 12.30pm

Display of local Rugby League trophies and memorabilia from the Leeds Rugby Foundation Heritage Committee

Tickets £30.00 Proceeds to the Leeds Rhinos Players Association in support of

The Leeds Rugby Foundation and RL Development Plan For Leeds and North Yorkshire Contact Derek Hellas on 01943864458 / 07932 161678

Ray Abbey 07969 868690

Don’t what you thoughts are gentleman but I think someone at Headingley needs to invest in a new printer.