I have recently spoke to Darren Williams the Director of Rugby for the Hunslet Hawks R L F C.

Darren tells me that the club as very kindly agreed a concession price for the 2015 season of only £30.00 for all the past Hunslet R.L. players. These tickets give you admission to all of the seasons Hunslet Hawks home league games.

This concession applies only to all past Hunslet R.L. players.

I believe this is a fantastic offer and if you take it up it helps with the finances of the club and allows you to go and watch a good game of rugby and if you don’t want to watch the game there is always the Phoenix Bar.

To take up the offer contact Darren at South Leeds Stadium. tel. 01132712730

Don’t forget as Tango Tate said when he peed in the communal bath Every Little Helps.

p.s. Nearly forgot to tell you, I had a great Christmas present, my old pal Peter Dunn as finally gone and emigrated and living some were in Cyprus.

That with out a doubt will save me a fortune in beer.