This is just the believable bits of my first 63years, if I wrote about the other bits nobody would believe it SO here we go.
Born 18th March 1951 in a little back to back at the side of the Engine Pub in Hunslet, so l am a Hunslet lad. I was the eldest child of six children, and it was a case of
the first one up was the only one dressed. My first memory was of Middleton nursery at the age of 4.
We moved from Middleton to Armley. My first school was Castleton next to the Armley jail. We then moved to the top end of Dewsbury Rd and then Hunslet.
l went to Hunslet Carr school and played my first game of rugby league at the age of 8. My teacher said Rycroft you’re so thick the best position for you is hooker.
My first medal was playing for the Cripps Cup at Parksider, WE WON.
I moved at 11years old to Belle Isle secondary school and very soon realised it was better putting the ball in, rather than hooking it out, so a scrum half I became.
Belle Isle school was very big at sport so I did well there. We had a strong side from year 1 to year 4. I played for the school and the Hunslet City Boys. I picked up another medal a Yorkshire Cup Winner’s.
I left school at 15 and worked for the North Eastern Gas Board. I was asked if I would go to play for the Hunslet Juniors (under 17s) at Parksider YES PLEASE and under the supervision of Sir John Groves Y.B.C. (Yorkshire’s Best Coach), I Captained the side
WE WON EVERYTHING. I also Captained the Leeds and District and again we won everything, so every cup in junior rugby had my name on it ONLY because I was lucky to be Captain and thinking back ‘I was good’.
17 years 5ft-4″ and weighing 11.5 stone I signed Professional forms for my Dream team HUNSLET R.L.F.C. I was now in the Intermediates (under 19s) I Captained the side and the winning continued, We won everything. I also Captained the Leeds and District side; once again we won and my name was on all the cups, all under the watchful eyes of Lord Freddy Williamson B.B.C. (Britain’s Best Coach). Then it was up into second team rugby, PRO at last. Yes you better believe it-we won silver ware again Yorkshire Senior cup competition and runners up in the challenge cup I progressed into the first team and did Captain a few games, but the winning stopped although I had the enormous thrill of playing along side my heroes. While playing I broke my legs, fingers, thumbs, ribs, nose, collar bone and ankle, I strained most things and lost my teeth but no brain damage although that’s debateable so I am told.
If I could rewind and do it all again would I ‘YES PLEASE’. I made a lot of good friends who all these years past are still very good friends. Its been a privilege to know them.
I look back and it seems the older I get the better I was, a legend in my own mind. But I think you all know I was *the best looking* scrum half Hunslet ever signed and my wife Angie totally agrees. Phil Horrocks eat you heart out you look like some one in death row with all them tattoos.

Not bad Peter, you managed to say all that with out swearing.

Just one more thing Peter all that flitting you did when you were younger, was it because you are off travelling stock or were you avoiding the rent collector ?.