Hi Parksiders here is a now and then our first candidate Billy Adams Billy’s own words get your thinking caps on it could be you next.

As you are all aware I’m one of the youngest members of our elite group of players who were registered with our former great Rugby League club Hunslet. On the 29th of October 2014 I reached the age of 61(not so young now).

I was born at no1 Algot Grove Hunslet Carr(now demolished) bang opposite the Woodhill Liberal club otherwise now as the Peggy Tub my granddad was steward there for many years, my uncle Dug took over when my granddad died suddenly. My father Wilf Adams learnt the pub trade from uncle Dug and he was offered the stewards job at Belle working mans club I was six years old at the time.

I attended Belle junior school,all the schools in the district had rugby teams so every game was cut throat local rivelry with Hunslet national,Hunslet carr,Beulah street and Middleton. When I moved up to Belle senior school all the players I had played against in the juniors became team mates and in our final year together we won the yorkshire cup v Castleford secondary modern at parkside that was when I knew that was the only place I wanted to play after that memorable day. Nine players signed for Hunslet from that winning team.As a junior player at Belle we were in awe of the forth year team which included Barry Seabourne,John Holdworth and Glen Davies.The winning continued in that age group four years later the team consisting of Steve Hudson.Pete Rycroftand Kevin Parker won the cup again

I left school and got an apprenticeship in engineering in 1970 I worked at Smiths cranes & excavators. At this time I was playing for Hunslet juniors and intermediates where I had the most unforgettable memory at parkside, apparentely Hunslet parkside (unbeknown to me)it was if a prop forward should ever score a hat trick of tries in one match,the following training session he would be subjected to the ritual by is so called team mates of having his manhood bandaged (it was a large bandage I might add) then have his testicles covered in boot polish.I will never forget the sight when I into the old wooden pavilion that Tues night, the lads got there early 3 players dressed like chimney sweeps long mucky coats,flat caps and steel cap boots and armed with toilet brushes smothered in boot polish.As I went through the door and spotted them I turned to flee but I was surrounded by Jon Clarke,Keith Stevenson and head coach John Groves John advised me to play ball(excuse the pun)which I thought was the best option the boot polish was applied to it intented place.
P.S The three tries were against Featherstone away
P.P.S It took amonth to get rid of the sweat rash.

I was at Richmond machine tools when I played in the final game at parkside my memories are quite vague,I recall holding the ball in the prematch photo,and converting Ronnie Dobsons try then at the end of the game shaking hands with the York players and Geoff Gunney sheperding us off so he could be the last player ever to walk off the pitch(and rightly so).

I got married in 1973 at the time New Hunslet was up and running,which my involvment was less than I would have hoped.I remember around that time BERNARD PRIOR asked me to play amateur rugby with Bisons he was coach at the time,Bernard was a gentleman someone you looked up to and admired.The best players I recall playing against at that time was Hepworth and Hardisty they were to Castleford as Bremner and Giles was to Leeds Untd.I had a short spell at Halifax with no real memories The I stopped playing and settled in to family life, bringing up two children Darren&Shelley.

I am now driving a black&white cabin Leeds which is a public hire vehicle(posh lad from Hunslet)by the way take no notice what Horrocks,Taylor and Crampton are saying that I’m part-time or semi retired.

My hobby is playing snooker for Rothwell W.M in the Leeds league top division (A-league).