A very happy birthday to all to all these ex Parkside’s who just happen to be a year older this month.

ALAN BANCROFT, 1/10/43 sorry its late Alan I have always been slow. you must be 71.

RON HILL, 7/10/44. Always thought you were older than 70 Ron.

TONY HURFORD 7/10/42, Tony must have had a easy paper round, he don’t look 72.

DON WATSON 7/12/?. Don did not give a year, must have told a pork pie when he first signed on.

RAY HOWARD 20/10/49, that makes you 65 Howard. Still time to invite all the lads to your party.

BILLY ADAMS 29/10/53, Billy was the last Hunslet player to kick a goal at Parkside, only another 4 years to retirement Billy.

Last but not least mi old buddy KEN HEPPLES 29/10/46. Just a couple of years older than me then Ken. smiley

I OMB told me that when Alan Bancroft made his debut for Hunslet he scored a try in the opening minutes, then soon afterwards he was sent off the field of play and that’s how he got the name ‘Basher Bancroft’