Jack the apprentice is on holiday some were in Egypt, he emailed me to say he is having a good time apart from dodging the odd pieces of shrapnel.

I have received a shout for help from Howard Bland. His email reads :-

Hi peter wonder if you could help. We were talking in the club last night, I mentioned a song we used to sing in the 60s, about the time Hunslet went to Wembley, but no one else had heard of it. It went like this.

‘ain’t got a barrel of money Ward Prior Ramsey and Gunney Hartley and Ayer with the cup in the air at Parkside’

Do you know anything about it, or the rest of the words.



I spoke to Ken Eyre about it and he cannot recall the song.

Ken also pointed out that his surname was spelt wrongly, but he does not mind as long as he keeps getting a mention.

If anyone can help Howard please let me know and we can then blog it for him.

I am sure that he will reward you with a pint or two.