Good morning gentlemen here are dates to remember September birthdays sorry if your not mentioned but I can only go on imformation received after all I’m only the apprentice.

03.09.1949 Alan Griffith that makes it a special one 65 party invites must be lost it post.

09.09.1949 Dave (Happy) Appleyard another special one still time to get invites out dave.

10.09.1935 Gerry Welsh oldest of the September birthdays at a young 79.

11.09.1941 Stuart Keane affectionally know as (old mother benson) 73

26.09.1950 Steve Hudson nearly special gives him 12 months to get invites out 64.

27.09.1948 Frank Nichols missed your party last year 66.

27.09.1943 Bill Ramsey ever young one of our greats 71.

And finally one of Rugby league greats and Honoury member 19.09.47 Roger (the dodger) Millward.

That’s all folks.