Just a thought how many times did we actually lose reading this I would say not as many as the officials suggested.

Picture the scene….early 1960’s, a freezing cold December day, raining too, appointed t.j. at Mount Pleasant (NOT !) Batley “a” v Wakefield “a”. Walking across the cricket ground (got changed in the Cricket Pavilion in those days) already wet through & that’s before the match. Nice muddy pitch. No tea at half-time. At last ! Final whistle ! Almost RUNNING back across the cricket ground. Before we get into the dressing room we are approached by the Batley captain – “What was the score Ref ?” The ref hadn’t kept score, so he looks at his t.j.’s “what was the score lads ?” We both answer promptly “23-21”. Batley captain “Yes, that’s what we made it, but who won ? We reckon we won, but they reckon THEY won” . Ref looks at us. “Who Won ?” I say “Batley” my mate says “Wakefield”. Well………..

We get into the dressing room………what to do now ? after a few moments thought, it was simple really,

Say nothing to anyone, into town, get a Green Final & put their score on the sheet ! B.S. Sorry Bernard too good not to be named and shamed.