Two Founding of Hunlet R.L. Minute Books have emerged. one that was given to Geoff Gunney and loaned to Ray Abbey and one that was given by the Plenderlth Family to Hunslet Hawks and identified by the Hawks Pat Benatmine.
Bernard Shooman a former RL referee,R.L. Historian and a member of Hunslets Heritage committee has let us have his thoughts on the Two Holy Grails of the founding of our Great Club.

Dear All,

Had a long chat to Peter Jarvis today and one of the things discussed was the mysterious case of the two different minute books for 1883, the formation year.

Having a spare hour this evening I decided to do a bit more research on the subject. I must say at the outset I have only seen the first page of the one held by Pat, which I saw via Jarvo’s email. I have also had the benefit of seeing Pat B’s printed narrative of the period 8th. May 1883 to 3rd April 1884, which she kindly emailed me.

The one currently on show at the Abbey House Museum was in my possession for a couple of weeks and was studied in more depth, after which it was returned to Ray Abbey.

My opinion, for what it’s worth, leads me to believe the following:-

1. The minute book currently at the Abbey House, is the formal minute book of the Hunslet Cricket Club.

Each meeting’s minutes are signed.

2. The minutes for the meeting held on Tuesday evening, 8th May 1883 clearly announces the Special

General Meeting to be held on Tuesday 21st May 1883 at the Cemetery Tavern , for the specific ..

purpose of setting up a Rugby Football section of the club. The minutes are signed.

3. The Special General Meeting held on 21st May was minuted (in Pat’s book) BUT NOT SIGNED !

Significant – but logically it could not be signed, since there was no formally appointed officers of

the Rugby Section, only officers of the Cricket Section who had attended the meeting and who,

presumably, set up an administration to cater for the Rugby Section. It was also decided that the club be

re-named The Hunslet Cricket and Football Club. Note also, the first colours were blue & white squares.

4 My conclusion is, therefore, the minute book at Abbey House is the minute book of Hunslet Cricket club.

The minute book held by Pat B. is the minute book of the Hunslet Rugby Football Club. I would guess

that subsequent Rugby meeting minutes are signed (can you confirm this Pat ?)

I hope this MAY clarify the situation – I am quite happy to be shot down in flames if further evidence or views emerge. This is merely my attempt to at least stimulate some more thoughts on the subject of the two minute books.

Kind regards,
Bernard Shooman