We have just been bloged from Australia.

Hi Stuart

Colin LARKIN here from the sunny Gold Coast in Australia ( just in case some rugby players didn’t know which country it was in !!! *;) winking

I’ve just read the latest blog and I had a good laugh over some of the articles written by different people, give Jarvo my regards and I pray that there will be many more years that he will wake up and not be able to feel wood on either side of him !!! having that in mind please tell him that my birthdate is 2/6/46 not 2/6/48

Thank you Stuart and keep up the good work

May God bless you all, regards Colin

“Not many people admitt to being Older than we thought he was. thats what a Life of Riley does for you, i.e. Living in luxury in the Gold Coast and having a Bobby’s Job.
Cheers Colin we Hope to see you soon at the next re-union.”smiley