Sunday Ex Parksiders George Gomersall, Bod Pickles, Gordon Tin-dale
and my good self attended the Hunslet Hawks v South Wales footy game
(well thats what the Aussies call it)

post match talk was not so much about the footy! but the players foot

fullback to scrum half the Hunslets players boots
matched the colours of the rainbow.

Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

were that bright that George had to wear his sun glasses.Tinny would
have put his specs on but he had left them in Spain.

referee was wearing white boots, he must be a better dancer than a

we were having the conversation regarding the boots that we used to
play in Tinny came up with a cracker. He recalled that when he played at
Parkside and needed a new pair of playing boots the club would
send him to a shop to have them made to measure and the club payed.

Bob and myself could
not stop laughing, are you sure that was at Hunslet Bob asked him

to measure boots at Hunslet surley not we were a family club and
we had to wear hand downs or buy your own.