My old
pal Ronnie Dobson ( A.K.A. Dobo ) as just informed me that he has
entered a horse at this years Great Yorkshire Show been held in

It has
been entered in Class 34 which is a show hunter class and will take
place on the Tuesday 8th

Ron has
named the horse after
the wonderful old stadium that we all played at in Hunslet

done Ronnie and thank you for keeping the name of our great ground

am certain that the horse will not let you or its name down. (If it
does sell it)

goes on to say that when he acquires any new race horses he also
intends to use the prefix “PARKSIDE”
in front of
the horse and that he will be looking to change his racing colours to
Myrtle, Green and Flame. If he does go a head with them colours the
jockey will be dressed in Green, Green and Flame.

I suggest Ron that you go for Myrtle, Flame and White.

one more point Ron my best pal in the whole world, if there are any complimentary tickets going spare for the Yorkshire Show or any race meetings
give OMB and Jarvo the first refusal.