I refer to Ernest Lundy and his story about Peter Hanson and can confirm this! I was on that bus.
It was a Sunday night and possibly the last bus out of Morley to Leeds.My friends and I had spent the evening at the Sycamor Public House.Which was very popular in those day’s.

I was 17 years old at the time and the news soon went around the bus that Peter Hanson and Molly were on board.

We sat at the the rear of the bus,upstairs, and had a very good view of the passengers.
Peter did what Ernest as reported and also assisted the two off the bus,near to the Woodman Public House.
I remember this,because we got off the bus at Tommy Wass to walk to Middleton

Did you know that Molly Hanson was the cousin to Earnest Shackelton
[Not the explor’er] ex player.

Jack Firn

Thank you for your email Jack, it does appear that you were boozing in the pub under age and on a Sunday. I hope you were not late for school the following day.