Hi Peter! Reading through some bowling results the other day I noticed the name Paul Gill the big Bradford lad who played for Leeds RL at one time. He is I understand a fair trundler on turf of a different kind these days.

Some time ago when a bowls match was being played at Wibsey Park, Bradford a group of young oboes kept making disparaging remarks about the players and the game in general.

Meanwhile Paul and a friend were practising on the other green. Eventually the young idiots foolishly directed similar remarks in their direction. Paul quietly told them to go away and behave. But failing to heed the big man’s advice they continued to make adverse comments.

Paul slipped quietly away and made his was up to the toilet. On returning to the green he caught one of the foolish lads by surprise and clipped him roundly behind the ear. The lads then disappeared, before arriving back later with the father of one. Who as they approached the green asked which of the two bowlers had chastised his son? After the lad had pointed out Paul as the culprit, the parent sized up the big man, thought for a moment, and then also began clipping his son around the head saying; “What have I told you before about cheeking older people”? Summary poetic justice had been dispensed.

Another story most of you may have heard is of the time when Pete Anson and his wife were on a bus down to town, and he had to caution two teenagers about their use of bad language. With ladies about. It made no difference and the lads continued to swear and carry on in defiance of Peter’s cautionary words.

Another passenger reported later that Peter walked down the bus and, after cracking together the heads of the two offenders, threw them both off the bus near the bottom of Dewsbury Road.; and the story for those of us who heard it, passed into history. Now wasn’t that just typical of Pete?

Thank you for that good storey Ernest, has all Parksiders know you never messed with Pete Anson.

I had a good conversation with Ernest last week he was rather annoyed and rightly so as some yobo (not oboe) stole the registration plates from his car.

I mentioned to him that if any one wanted to steal mine they could keep them

The wife bought the cherished numbers for my birthday they read PJ 02 FAT

think she was trying to tell me something.

keep the tales coming Ernest there great.