Old Mother
Benson as done it again, she as just sent me the birthday list
though for this month. She sends her deepest apologises for sending
them late but some how I believe she could not care less.


Hartley who was 78 on the 4/04/2014.

Peter Dunn
who was 68 on 7/04/2014 (Dunny thinks that is the correct date)

His Honour
Alan Simpson who will be 77 on the 17/04/2014

Lundy who will be 85 on the 27/04/2014, (keep posting them blogs
Ernest, they are great reading)

Also on
the 23rd of April it will be St George’s Day, our
countries patron saint.

Burnell tells me that St George was a keen Hunslet R.L. supporter and
a regular attender at Parkside. According to Ginger, St George’s
first went to Parkside to slay that dragon who we all know as O.M.B.
But he finished up having an affair with her.

The thing
is did he go to Parkside to watch the match or was it an excuse to
visit O.M.B.