JARVO 1914
Urgent Appeal – Wanted

Since we first opened our website we have been very kindly given or
loaned numerous documentations/photographs from many sources, we thank everyone
who has sent us these historical records from Hunslet’s beginnings.

Harry Jepson O.B.E. has recently given us for posterity some very important
old documents from our early days; through no fault of his some of these documents
are in very poor condition. This was a
wake up call!

So Peter Jarvis and Stuart Keane together with a representative from
Hunslet Hawks visited the Rugby League Archives at the Huddersfield University.

The RL Historian Professor Tony
gave us a conducted tour.

The archives there, are preserved in a Climate and temperature
controlled environment. It is also fire proofed.

We subsequently found out that if documents are not preserved in such
an environment they will deteriorate very rapidly and consequently be lost
forever. (The Ashes to Ashes Dust-to-Dust syndrome)

this is the last thing that we would all want to happen!

& Stuart then reported their findings and concern about our Heritage to our
main Organizing Board and this is what was unanimously agreed upon, and what we
propose to do about this very serious situation:

We will create a Hunslet Parkside section within the Rugby League
Archives at Huddersfield University.

We will send all our current Memorabilia to them to safely store for
us PDQ.

We will then work with their archivist to catalogue the documents and
to digitize such documents for future display.

We will from now on encourage all holders of such memorabilia to place
with us their memorabilia for preservation
– such holders may donate it to the Hunslet ex Parkside Players Association for
posterity or they may entrust us with it, for safe keeping, still retaining
ownership via a legal form, duly signed by both parties. Please note this latter arrangement would mean that any memorabilia
would still be owned by the provider and may be “willed” like any other asset
to their loved ones. Also the provider would be able to withdraw their
memorabilia at any time with reasonable notice.

Anyone would be able to visit the archive via appointment.

Any post 1973
memorabilia that we may have or receive in the future will be passed on to
Hunslet Hawks to be archived and preserved

Hunslet Hawks will have a similar arraignment that we have with the Rugby
League Archives at Huddersfield University for post 1973 memeribilia.

Conclusion We must have our Heritage Preserved for Posterity!

As they say When it’s
Gone, It’s Gone — FOREVER

For further
information Please Contact us

Peter Jarvis on 07914385969 Or peterjarvis8@Sky.com


Stuart Keane on
07737534918 or


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