Margaret just read your comment & the polite b*””*&$%) you have given to me, I take it all on board but need to mention a few points.

1, Mr Harry Jepson OBE read the comment and was not at all impressed with your spelling and English grammar to the tune that he could only marked you 2/10 for both subjects. He also said he did not realise Margaret attended Hunslet Lane School.

2, What does that word AILMTEOWTH mean and an other thing is in the first of the twelve emails you posted to me your heading said POLE – DANCERS, had you been on some herbal cigs.

3, You say I should consider retirement. That’s a silly statement as you well know I retired 30years ago.

4, The line that does surprise me most is :- ‘get yourself a secretary to give you a hand’. Maggie I don’t need one, I have already had three wives that have all helped me in that department.

Still your mate Margaret