Dateline The Library, Woodhouse Moor,Leeds.
Yesterday morning at the time of 8 a.m. saw an invited gathering of Rugby League guests to celebrate the first training session organized by Henry Jenkinson of Rugby players which was the start of Rugby in Leeds in 1864 and the contribution of Leeds Grammar School.
It was indeed a momentous event with many splendid speeches about the origins of the Great Game of Rugby in Leeds by the forward thinking Mr Jenkinson who was a railway Clerk.

The invited Guests representing Hunslet were Alf “Ginger ” Burnell, Peter Jarvis & Stuart KeaneIn the picture above The Lord Mayor of Leeds Councillor Tom Murray with his
Lady Mayoress Edna are seen being entertained by our Shy 90 year old ex British RL Lion Alf “Ginger” Burnell.
Peter Jarvis and Stuart Keane were the book-ends.

What a charming couple they are,Leeds are well served by them both.

We subsequently found out that they are “Honorary Hunslet Parksiders” as there daughter Helen is Married to our Late Welsh Scrum halfs Cliff Williams son Dean.

It’s a small world- what next ! Will we will have royalty being Honorary Parksiders?

Watch this Space

Old Mother Benson