promised more information regarding An Audience with….

seventy five guests attended the event and among them was a number of
ex Parkside players. In no particulate order they were :-

in chief’ – Gordon Tindale, George Gomersall, ‘good to see you are
getting better but could you stop moaning'(Tinny told me to say
that), Brian Cully,

Jack ‘why
is there no photo of me’ Firn, Keith Row-son, Bob ‘the Rhino’

Crampton, ‘say what you want about Crammpy Andy but I think he’s a
good man’, Jack Richardson, ‘Jack backed out of been interview at
the last minute’,

Cardiss, ‘what can I say about Lewis NOTHING’ and last but no means
least Alf ginger
Burnell, ‘when asked his age Alf said he did not know but he went to
school with Julius Ceaser.

by his absence was Ronnie Dobson. Ron has been promising to attend
lots of our events and always cry’s off. His excuse is that with him
been a member of the Bramham Moor Hunt it is very important that he
is seen at all the Hunts social function. This time it was the annual
karaoke contest and it was important that he should enter. It is well
known that Ron as a lisp and guess what song he sang
Soft Shoe
Shuffle. Yes he got booed off the stage and rightly so. The moral of
this Ron is don’t let your old team mates down again or we shall
hide all the foxes.

Also in
attendance was ex Leeds, Huddersfield and Hull KR international
forward Chris Burton. A great time was had by all and the evening was
rounded off by Ginger Burnell singing our old war cry We’ve Swept the
seas before boys.