An Audience with…. as you may have previously read on OMB latest blog we had a great event at South Leeds Stadium with all the proceeds going to our chosen charity SITraN. The theme was an audience with….

A group of past rugby league stars were invited to be interviewed in front of a live audience by no other than the famous BBC radio Leeds commentator JAMES DEIGHTON and what a fantastic job he did.

The ex players that volunteered to be interviewed had played for Hunslet RLFC or Leeds RLC and in some cases both sides. They shared their playing days memories on and off the field with the audience and also their thoughts of the standard of the present days game. When one ex player was asked if he could compete in the modern game he replied he could play in a tuxedo and go straight out to a dinner party after the final whistle.

The past players that kindly consented to be put in front of the firing line were :-

Frank (shanks)Watson, H.R.L.C & L. R.L.C., Jimmy Brogden, H.R.L.C. both of these two gentlemen are 91 years old.

Geff Gunney MBE. H.R.L.C., Ken Sykes, H.R.L.C., Phil Horrocks, H.R.L.C.,

Graham King, H.R.L.C., Brian Murrell, L.R.L.C., Neil Lean, L.R.L.C. & H.R.L.C. also Bramley R.L.C.

Garry Schofield MBE. Hull R.L.C., L.R.L.C. & BRITISH LION Captain.

David Ward, L.R.L.C. & BRITISH LIONS Captain.

Last but not least Bernard Shooman an ex senior referee, he is a brave man.

OMB and myself wish to thank James all the past players and every one who gave up their time to make this a very successful evening. On the night £520.00 was raised which will all be passed on to SITraN.

There will be another blog regarding the event on Monday but I need to go now because the pub is calling and its essential that I go.

have a good weekend

p.s. please don’t whinge if you have not got a mention into nights blog I will be giving you all some pain on Monday.