Harry the Hawk (Hunslets Hawks mascot) & Ronnie the Rhino (Leeds Rhinos mascot) meet in Leeds City centre and went on a pub crawl. After a few pints they were both feeling hungry so they called to GREGGS the pastry shop.

Ronnie the Rhino goes in first then comes out and says to Harry the Hawk look what I have just done and he showed Harry the Hawk two Cornish pasties that he had in his pocket.

I have just stolen them said Ronnie the Rhino bet you are scarred to do the same he said to Harry the Hawk.

Harry the Hawk not to be out done goes into GREGGS and says to the manager if you give me two Cornish pasties I will show you a trick. the manager passed Harry the Hawk two Cornish pasties and Harry the Hawk immediately scoffed them.

What’s magic about that the manager ask Harry the Hawk and quick as a flash he replied go and have a look in Ronnie the Rhinos pocket.