Yes Harry Wilsons NORTHERN RUGBY LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP MEDAL from the all four cup winning season of 1907-8 is going to be on display at the Evening with the Stars of of yesteryear of the Lazenby Cup which is going to be held on Thursday the 23rd of this month at the South Leeds Stadium in the Phenix Bar.

Harry was a member of Hunslet famous Pack Dubbed “The Terrible Six” this fine bunch of men were renouned for setting up the platform for Hunslets backs to mesmorise their opponents.

This medal has never left the sight of Harry’s grandson Harry Swan when his granfather bequethed it to him some 30 years ago- who Jeff Stevenson took over from as the landlord of “The Anchor” pub when he joined Hunslet in 1962.

Harry Wilson would of been proud to see Harry Swan’s son Peter play center half for six years with Leeds United in the 1980s and then went on to play for Hull City when Eddie Gray took over as their manager.

Peters own son’s ( HW Great,Great,Grandsons)have also a sporting future ahead of them George haveing recently been signed by Manchester City and his other son Harry has just signed for Wakefield Wildcats-

A distant relation of HW our very own Gordon Tindale is bringing this magnifcantly preserved Gold Medal on the 23rd and he will be flanked by two huge security guards, if they need any help the will be ably assisted by ex Hunslet Parkside Players Dennis Tate & George Gommersal.

Gordons Charming wife Eileen commented ” I wish I had kept Gordon Distant when I first met him” I think she was joking- Well Maybe not?

Ticket sales are going fast so if you want to meet some old friends and the Stars of yesteryear from Hunslet & Leeds RL Clubs you better contact Darren Williams at the club office on 0113 2712730. smiley
The evening is going to be hosted by James Deighton the from BBC Radio Leeds- to avoid dissapointment ring now because when there gone there gone!!!!

Cheers Old Mother Benson