With the start of the new year OMB and myself decided that on a monthly basis it would be a good gesture to wish all the best to any member of our association who’s birthday falls into that particular month and give them a mention on our website. Good idea , but for three things OMB holds the only list of members birth dates, he his dyslectic and forgetful.

I had to remind him that he needed to email me a list of the birthdays for January asp as it would soon be February. I can only give you the day and the month as OMB forgot to put the year of birth into his files.

I received his email today,


Mick Gilmore 4/1/?? (sorry Mick only eight days late)

Phil Evans 13/1/?? (happy birthday old cock)

Jimmy Brogden 15/1/?? (Jimmy will be 91 years young. well done Jimmy)

Ernest (Sonny) Rushton 22/1/?? (congratulation to Sonny he also will be 91 years young)

Fred Marriot 26/1/?? ( Fred lives in Scotland and travels to Leeds every year to attend the Ex Parksiders lunch. happy birthday Fred)

On reading the list I knew there was one name missing, yes its is only FRANK (SHANKS) WATSON the oldest surviving man to have played for Hunslet at Parkside and also played for Leeds RL (sorry for mentioning Leeds) I phoned OMB to ask him why he had not sent me Franks birth date through as I was sure it was in January. OMB replied that he was born on 1/7/??. Knowing that OMB was dyslectic I made enquires re Franks actual D.O.B. and found out he was born on the 7/1/??. You have done it again OMB.


Frank (Shanks) Watson 7/1/?? (Shanks is 91 and beats Jimmy & Sonny by just a few days as been the oldest surviving player)

Final word from Keith Row-son, GENTLEMEN KEEP TAKING THE TABLETS