Stuart aka OMB, Keith Row-son our very own historian and myself had a day trip on Saturday to visit Ray who is in hospital recovering from a knee replacement operation. He is a patient in Airedale hospital which seemed as though it was a 1000 miles away, the sat nav directed us to a farm some were on the moors. We eventually arrived at the hospital and got to visit Ray and I am pleased to say that he was in good spirits and the operation was a success. The banter was good, Keith brought out a tape measure and measured both of Rays inside legs, unfortunately his right leg the one that was operated on is two inches longer than his left leg. Ray did say that hopefully in the near future he will be going back in hospital for a replacement knee on his left leg, I do hope the surgeon gets his measurements correct.

With four OLD ex Parksiders in one room we reminisced about some good and funny stories of the great times we had on and off the field when we were playing at Hunslet. The most amusing and true one was about an ex Parkesider (who shall remain anonymous) the lad was holidaying in Sydney, Australia. When he was told about a nudist beach on the north side of Bondi beach. He just could not resist and as any true blue blooded Hunslet lad would do, he immediately jogged sorry I mean sprinted to the beach to have a look at the sites and participate in a bit of nude sunbathing himself. He picked a spot were there was a group of nude young ladies, he striped off all his clothes put down his towel and laid down on the sand. Well after a few hours sunning himself a part of his body that had not seen the sun before became very sore YES HE HAD sunburnt himself on his nether regions the pain became that bad he needed to visit the A & E department at the local hospital. The nursing staff were very good and treated him professionally and with respect, but on his way out one of the nurses shouted to him, ‘pommey we’ve never seen a blister as large on such a small area’. I promised not to name the ex player to protect him from his wife and his girl friend. The only thing I can say is good on you blue.

All the best Ray we all hope you recover very quickly and look forward to seeing you looking fit and well again.