Dear OMB, I could have been writing to too many others, as in those days I still had all my teeth; and met quite a few of the female species at the Town Hall Press Balls, including John Tiller girls. Apart from which, although I never thought of myself as a lady-killer, we were only allowed so many photographs on the wall above the beds in the barrack-room. That’s my excuse anyway, and even though the testosterone (or pencil lead) was flowing strong in those days, my thoughts were never far away from rugby and athletics. Incidentally an old friend of mine from those days, the late Eric Walker, married his Tiller girl friend Celia Ramsden, from Middleton, whose brother Norman was a great friend of the then Hunslet winger, the man who said “they shall not pass” Freddie Williamson; who in one game against Huddersfield had the great Aussie winger, Lionel Cooper thinking he would have been better playing golf. Happy New Year to all.