On Saturday the 23rd December 1912 Hunslet played Keighley at Lawkhom Lane and sadly Hunslet lost the game. The following piece is copied from THE PARKSIDE ECHO-( the Hunslet programme) on the 30th December 1911.

”The match with Keighley, at Lawkhom Lane, on Saturday was a disappointment, and we had to retire with a beating by 8 points to 3 points, but we still think that had there been a referee to handle the game, that the verdict would have been reversed.

The referee appointed had been given the Australians v Rochdale Hornets match, and no one was sent to fill his place.

The touch judges took it upon themselves, we expect, as we were not consulted, and don’t know if Keighley were, and one of them acted as referee. I SAID ACTED.

Our players held themselves in hand or it would have been a fight instead of a football match.” (could that happen now a days? )

ON TUESDAY the 25th December 1911 Hunslet played Halifax at Parkside and won that game 17 points to 3 points.

On Tuesday the 26th December 1911 Hunslet were away to Leeds they were again the better side beating Leeds 19 points to 5 points

Then on the Saturday 30th December they played Widnes at Parkside who were only just below them in the League table and again Hunslet were the better side (sorry we have no record of the score for that game but we won)

Well that makes four games in the space of seven days and another one to look foreword to on New Years day, an away match to St Helens, and then the following day its all back to work.

I just wonder if any present day Super League stars could manage to play the same amount of games in a week and don’t forget you have to do eighty minutes and no interchanges.