It was a Full Crematorium at Cottingley last Friday the 20th to pay our last respects to to true son of Hunslet and former Player – I have never seen this Cremetorium as full- a justlfied mark of respect for this Hunslet Hawks volunteer of over 40 years. He would of been very happy at the Eulogy’s and the poems delivered with sincerity and feelings. But most of all he would have been very proud of his God daughter Julie and his Grandson Alfie of the way they held up despite their obvious distress of his departure.

May He Rest In Peace with all the dearly departed ex Hunslet R.L. Parkside Players.

As a mark of respect To Ronnie The Hunslet Hymm

“We Swet The Seas Before Boy’s” was sung Heartily by all the Standing Congregation