Parkside was originally a tenant farm called Low Hold, used for growing corn in the 1880’s. The landowners were the local colliery company who reclaimed the cornfields to dump their waste. The waste had to be cleared in 1888 before the Parkside ground could be laid out. The Low Hold farm cottages survived for many years and were a feature at the end of the ground. In one of the cottages lived Mother Benson who would wash the teams kit and also gave her name to that end of the ground.
The famous battle cry of Parkside ‘We’ve swept the seas before boys’ came from a Turko- Russian war shanty that was sung at the Grand Theatre in a review.
The verse was ‘We’ve got the ships, we’ve got the men, we’ve got the money too’.
But it was the chorus that was sung by the supporters at Parkside. It was first sung at Leeds Station to the Hunslet soccer side who were returning from a famous victory in Lancashire.
The Hunslet soccer team played at Parkside until 1904 when Holbeck rugby club, playing at Elland Road, decided to change to soccer and become Leeds City. The forerunners of Leeds United, The Hunslet soccer side were asked to form the basis of the new club, so Leeds United’s roots can be traced back to Parkside.

One of the strange things is that Mother Benson ( aka ) Stuart Keane, is still kicking, still washing the kit and still moaning.
This story was passed on to me BY Keith Rowson.