Stuart Keane has decided to give up forecasting the Rugby League results after his Two recent failures of predicting an England Win against New Zealand and for a New Zealand Win with 12 start against Australia-

Our Archivist Keith Rowson has sent us the full update on the Great Britain team that won the World Cup in France in 1954- See Archive 3

Below is also a very interesting fact about the coaching of the successful Great Britain side in 1954 World Cup that Keith has sent us.

“Regarding Joe Egan who was coach to the Great Britain team who became the
inaugural winners of the world cup in 1954.

An aspect of his career which has often been overlooked because, in those
days, the media were not obsessed with talking to coaches, and the Rugby
Football League deemed it not necessary for him to accompany the team to France
for the World Cup tournament.

Instead, Joe had conducted a couple of training
sessions with the team before they left (one at Rochdale and one at

After the team’s triumph in France, Captain Dave Valentine and
his British Team paid great tribute to the influence coach Joe Egan had on their

Eagle eyed readers will note that Phil Jackson is missing from the
picture – he was doing military service and unable to attend training!”

Thanks for that amazing info Keith.

Perhaps England & New Zealand Should adopt the same 1954 Rugby League policy for future tournaments!!!!!

Cheers Old Mother Benson