Our very own Dr Strange-love Aka Gordon Tindale has been visiting two of our X Parkside players Ronnie Fletcher and George Gomersal in Hospital this week, and he sends us his report.
Ronnie has been in hospital for the last two months and has been very ill, in & out of intensive care- Gordon reports that he is now able to have visitors and although he has lost allot of weight he is starting to eat now, and despite still being very ill he is in good spirits.

George had a stroke a couple of weeks ago, he is making a steady recovery- in fact last week his doctor offered George some Speech Therapy, Yvonne George’s wife asked “Why is his speech Slurred?” “No” the Doctor replied, “but I find it hard to understand Him” LOL

Well what’s new!- in fact many people who suffer strokes do slur their speech, but in Georges case the family and friends seem to think it’s improved!

Thanks for all the Info Gordon-Please keep us posted
Old Mother Benson