Have you noticed OMB has gone on the missing list. I have been trying to contact her (him) but to no avail. I contacted Interpol and eventually they traced her (him).
She (he) was at home awaiting the delivery of a new washing machine. OMB contacted me to see what all the fuss was about on telling OMB that we were concerned because he was conspicuous by his absence (ok OMB is a man who just happens to cross dress) he went into a tantrum saying he was fed up of washing the Hunslet Parkiders playing kit by hand in cold water so he had ordered a new type of machine that washes clothes. I told him I have had three of them, they are called wives.
You will have guessed by now that all of that is a load of rubbish, ‘the wives bit is true’ but the present day OMB came up with an interesting fact in that the real OMB had the job of washing all of the Hunslet playing kit after the games and hung the kit on the cross bar of the posts for it to dry out.
He also told me.
That a bloke had just knocked on his door
He was 3ft-3inches tall
OMB looked down and asked who he was
He replied “I’m the METER MAN”