“Old Mother Benson” asked : in Lundy’s Chats from LIDL’s

“Why is it so many Hunslet people live to be well into their 90’s and beyond?”

“In answer to dear
‘Old Mother Benson’: It could be the two ounce of butter and bacon we got in the
early war years ( I’m joking of course)and the small amount of everything else
which ensured we didn’t over eat. More likely it was the spirit of community
which prevailed in spite of the problems and anxiety of those years, when folk
made the best of the what they had even though the future was looking grim.

of us had radios and the cinema and, of course our, Hunslet team, though many
players were away in the war, were our main sources of entertainment. But
whatever the reason the speculation as to the ever increasing age of many
Hunslet folk is unquestionable, and gratifying. After all Hunslet is and always
has been a very special place; and remains so although the thoughtless actions
of the City Fathers has cut the heart of the old place as we once knew it. R

Ernest Lundy Hunslet Born & Bred 86 years ago.