It was a full crematorium last Thursday at Lawnswood for for the late Sammy Newbound’s wife Lily’s funeral.

90 year old Ernest Brogden represented the ex players who had played with Sammy at Hunslet R.L. club at Parkeside.

Other members of the Ex Parksiders paying their respects to Lily were Hon Members Harry Jepson O.B.E.- & retired Judge Alan Simpson- ex Players Kenny Sykes who had come over from York- Ray Abbey -Peter Jarvis – and Stuart Keane.

Jimmy Brogden has a fantastic memory for a man half his age – and entertained Lily’s Son and Grandson with numerous tales of Sammy in his playing day’s- Sammy Grandson Andrew? told us the one that we had not heard before that his Granddad had relayed several times when he was a young player.

” Sammy making his first team d├ębut, on going out on to the pitch heard the Hunslet International British Lion hooker Les White say to the opposite hooker “Your going to get sent off today” this got Sammy wondering “how could he possibly know that?

A little later in the game as a scrum broke up he saw Les White give the opposing Hooker a slap on the jaw, the incensed hooker ran after Les, and White stopped running as he passed the referee, just then the hooker hit Les and promptly got sent off”

Lily would have been proud at the send off that her family gave- as would the late Sammy, who will now have someone to cook for him?

May they both be united in Peace.